Lipo-Light: The revolutionary body-sculpting system.

 This advanced system offers Naples weight loss enthusiasts, the quickest and best way of controlling body shape using Light Therapy plus exercise.

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Dr. Ron Repice

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Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

Losing “stubborn fat” is hard and as you get older — it just gets harder and harder. You might go to the gym five days a week, sweat on the treadmill for an hour, and see maybe a pound or two drop in a month. Is that really worth your time?

Or imagine going to a medical facility, laying down, spending 35 minutes relaxing, then getting up and finding out you’ve lost two inches around your waist. Which do you prefer? What if you could keep doing that and losing more and more fat until you looked like you did years ago?

Start Losing Inches in Just a Few Short Sessions!

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If you have any interest in this and how it works when it comes to losing inches, you should stop what you’re doing now and call the office for an appointment immediately. This new treatment technology uses a special light therapy to trick your mitochondria (in your fat cells) to release their fat content.

Weight Loss Naples Florida

If you eat better, drink plenty of water, stay away from sugars, and carbohydrates, this can lead to permanent fat loss without surgery. Here’s a heads up. If you have tried liposuction in the past – you know that when you “regain the weight” it goes to different places–making your body look distorted and then unfortunately, you’re back to where you started, only worse.

With this technology we don’t destroy your fat cells. What we do is we simply drain the contents of the fat cells so you lose the inches and look good again. On top of that, we also use Phentabz, a revolutionary Weight Loss Supplement, which our clients love!

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