Permanent Hair Removal Naples, Florida

Hair Removal: Get the smooth look, soft to the touch.

Our permanent hair removal service is unmatched in the area and offers the best results for people of all skin tones.

Perfect For All Skin Tones!

Regardless of your tone, you can have the smooth look you want and the confidence you deserve. In fact, Dr. Ron Repice uses a program which is the only one that is FDA-cleared for ALL skin tones. Here in Naples, Florida, we perform permanent hair removal exclusively with a device which is small, handheld, and provides absolutely incomparable results.

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Hair removal for all skin tones.

This dermatologist-recommended approach has a much easier application method than other programs which require a monotonous stamping movement. Instead of slowing down the process, this applicator moves fluidly.We utilize this method, and work with this specific company, because it has been proven – time and time again – that this device offers truly unparalleled results. It is important to us that our valued patients can benefit from this excellence in our office.

Permanent hair removal in Naples, Florida

What It Feels Like

Unlike many traditional laser treatments, you will not feel any snapping or zapping with this treatment method. Similarly, you will not experience the nicks and little discomforts of a traditional laser treatment. This method is innovative and offers vast improvements upon the laser treatments of previous years.

How It Works

Basically, the technology that our program uses is called ELOS technology. ELOS stands for Electro-Opitcal Synergy. This process is fast-acting yet gentle. Hair follicles are basically disabled by the applicator so that the hair will fall out and not grow back.Elos-Technology
Hair Removal That Works in Naples Florida
Using an innovative combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency), this technology will heat up the follicle channel to prep the disabling of the follicle and then the RF ensures prevention of regrowth. Also, the RF is colorblind so that even darker hair and darker skin tones can benefit from the technology. No one is excluded from the benefits and results of this innovation.


Your Results

Smooth LegsSpeaking of results, you will be amazed by yours! After only a few treatments, the treated area will be hair-free and completely smooth. There will be no residual red bumps, nicks, or irritation at the site of treatment. The skin pigment and quality will not be changed and there will be an evenness to the skin tone which does not suggest treatment has been done.

You will feel as though there had never been hair in the treated area in the first place. It’s that easy!

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